*Available at ModModeWatches* A-2 Mod Case

*Available at ModModeWatches* A-2 Mod Case

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Yahooo! The A-2 Mod Case is now AVAILABLE on ModModeWatches!

The A-2, Symmetrical Successor to the A-1


Hi, I am Yu Ando, the founder and designer of AndoAndoAndo. I am tired of seeing all homage watches, and homage watch mods. So I want to make something different.

That's why I made my own microbrand back in 2020, and that is what I have been doing since we launched our first model, the A-1.

(Above is the predesessor, A-1 Mod Case, now available on ModModeWatches)

The A-1 started as a full watch, but then a talented watch modder @self_winder noticed that it could hold 28.5mm dials made for modding. And the modding community was so positive about the A-1's case that I ran a crowdfunding campaign to manufacture just the A-1's cases—and it was a success!

*By the way, all the A-2 Mod Case photos here are edited to remove the stem. That's the reason these images look a bit strange. The reason behind this is that these are actually the A-2 Auto full-watch prototypes*

I wanted to make a successor to the A-1, improving several things pointed out by the modders, such as: the case back using 4 tiny screws, the crown being too small, the 5 ATM water resistant rating, and the packaging producing tiny paper particles. So I designed the A-2, this time with a screw-on case back, a bigger crown, higher water resistance at 10 ATM, and with paper material that doesn't produce particles.

Oh and unlike the A-1, the A-2 is symmetrical!




Made for a 28.5 mm dial.
NH35/36/37/38/39 should fit in the case.

Lug-to-Lug: 43 mm

Case Width: 35 mm

Case Thickness: 12 mm

Front Crystal: Sapphire Crystal

Case Back: Screw case back with Sapphire Crystal, with the "A" logo printed on the inside

Water Resistance: 10 ATM

Color: Silver



Mod Example!

Here is a build I made with the "Chillmatic" Vinyl Record dial prototype. Looks nice right?



So this one is not really a mod example, but rather a photograph of an A-2 Auto full watch—but I think you can get some inspiration from it!

I also intend to produce this dial and the vertical disks as mod parts sometime later.

This is how the back side looks. Please note that this is an image of the A-2 Auto Founder Edition, and the back case of the A-2 Mod Case will not have "Founder Edition ありがとう" printed on the glass, and the engraving around it would probably be different.

I might add some real modded photos later when I have time to mod!

The Impact

I would love to keep the watch modding community vibrant and exciting. I think my dial will add a unique, non-traditional asset to the community. And this would allow me to make more modding parts.

I have so many ideas, but not enough money. With your help we can make the community more interesting and fun!

Also, anyone who is interested in collaborating with me, please let me know!


Risks & Challenges


There is always a risk of manufacturing delay, but I will make sure to tell all the supporters swiftly and honestly. I have experienced many crowdfunding projects failing to do so, and I didn't like that as a backer. So be assured that I will let you know if any change in manufacturing, shipping, etc happens.

Other Ways You Can Help


Please share this project! Let the people who are interested in modding, who might be interested in unique dials, know about this campaign! <3 <3 <3

Thank you so much for your time, and have a WONDERFUL DAY!


Standard International Shipping

Our international shipping use DHL Global Mail.

We will provide you two tracking numbers. One that tracks your shipment from Finland to DHL warehouse in Germany, and another which tracks the shipment from Germany to your address.

It would take several days between the second tracking number would be updated.

According to DHL, their delivery aim is the following:

To Germany: 2-4 days

To EU: 3-6 days

To USA and Canada: 5-9 days

To Rest of the World: 6-12 days (for example, a package to Nagoya, Japan took 10 days)


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Delivery in 1–3 working days. (If you trust Posti that is!)

1-Year Manufacturing Defects Warranty

I have been wearing one of the functioning prototypes for almost 6 months. So far, it's functioned with no problems, and I am confident that it would for at least the next 6 months.

The reason I made sure that it's specifically 1-Year warranty for "Manufacturing Defects" is that I believe that most of the people who have never utilized the warranty of a product don't realize that the warranty only covers Manufacturing Defects. Some watch brands offer a longer warranty, such as 5 years or 10 years—but by then, how would you know that your broken watch suffered a manufacturing defect, or normal wear-and-tear? And would you ever be able to convince the brand's customer service that it was indeed a manufacturing defect?

Their warranty doesn't cover wear-and-tear, or user error, and neither does this warranty. But I do think it is important to clarify that it is a warrant for manufacturing defects, instead of just issuing that it is a vaguely worded "warranty" which sounds like something that might cover something more than manufacturing defects. And 1 year is enough time to warrant manufacturing defects.

60-Days 100% / 90% Return Policy

If you wish to return the watch, you can absolutely do that within 60 days of purchase. You have to take several photographs of the watch and send an email to me before shipping it back. Depending on the condition of the watch, the amount of the refund is different.

-Full Refund: If the watch, within 60 days of purchase, was never worn, and the packaging (boxes, wraps) is intact. Please send us an email with photographs of the watch and the proof of purchase, before shipping it back to us. When shipping back, please use a trackable shipping method. We will fully refund the watch and the shipping cost once it arrives to us upon inspection.

-90% Refund: If the watch, within 60 days of purchase, was never worn, but some of the packaging (boxes, wraps) is missing. Please send us an email with photographs of the watch and the proof of purchase, before shipping it back to us. When shipping back, please use a trackable shipping method. We will refund 90% of the watch and the shipping cost once it arrives to us upon inspection.

Customer Reviews

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Rob Valli
A unique and distinctive watch case

Very pleased with the look and quality. Great piece.

Frank Bianchi

*Available at ModModeWatches* A-2 Mod Case