A-2 Auto *Pre-Order*
A-2 Auto *Pre-Order*
A-2 Auto *Pre-Order*
A-2 Auto *Pre-Order*
A-2 Auto *Pre-Order*
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A-2 Auto *Pre-Order*

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It has been almost one year since the prototypes were made, but finally we will bring the A-2 Auto product edition!

So, this is the follow up to the A-1 Auto, which is simply called A-2 Auto.

This watch has the same movement as the A-1 Auto, Seiko Instruments NH 36, and the mod-ability is also as high as the A-1. But it's a very different watch.

*The product edition are estimated to be shipped around mid July 2024*


- A-2 Auto, Symmetrical Watch -

With A-2 Auto, While the basic design principle is kept the same -the crown will never hit the back of my hand-, I made it more symmetrical. It will now allow people who wear watches on the right wrist wear it as comfortably as the ones who wear it on the other wrist.

Also making it symmetrical would bring a good contrast between the A-1 and the A-2.


- Not Just Another A-1 -


But I thought making the case symmetrical is not enough reason to justify a making of another watch. But to bring something different. Which are the minute markers, and the vertical day-date.

There might be no need for markers in every minute, especially for a movement that has an accuracy of -20 ~ +40 seconds. But then again, if someone would like to count something for a few dozens of seconds, it would be useful.


- Vertical Day-Date -

Another difference is the vertical day-date. It is something you would only see in vintage watches, and most likely you have seen some Seiko and Citizen from the 70's. (Yes non-Japanese watch companies like Zodiac, Rado, Timex also made these too.)

You don't see these recently, and I'm a bit sad about it. So here it is. The fact that the Japanese language is traditionally written vertically... is not really related to this decision, but the fact I couldn't find any vertical day-date discs as the NH3X modding part, is.


- The Crown Position -

Also, I have tried to fix the major problem the A-1 had... Or did I? On the A-1, the crown was so small it was difficult to pull out. Now the crown is 7 mm in diameter, so it should be easier to pull out. BUT, the crown is now situated behind of the strap, it IS LESS ACCESSIBLE! But then again, if you wear this watch on your wrist every day, how often do you need to touch the crown?

So I think this position, where the crown doesn't annoy the back of hand on either wrist, is justifiable as the benefit outweighs the limiting access to the crown.

*It is usually recommended not to adjust the crown while you are wearing the watch, as it might bend the crown stem. It is also true in this watch's case.


- Color Variation -

This time, we are bringing you several color options:


The iconic black and white "Tuxedo", which was the most popular color variant in the A-1 Auto.

This is non-limited edition. But each will have the serial number engraved. It will be something like "1st batch XXX/100" as 100 pcs of the Tuxedo variant will be produced as the first batch.

Neo Tottori


 *The case color will be black*
This time, with the collaboration with my Finnish friend and designer Joni Kallio, we have a special limited edition. It's called "Neo Tottori"!
"Tottori? What is it? Is it related to Totoro?"

Well my friend, Tottori city, Tottori prefecture, Japan (wikipedia), is where I was born and raised. There is nothing sci-fi about this old small city I call my hometown. Tottori prefecture is the least populated prefecture in Japan, and more than half of the population of Tottori city is over 65 years old.

But so, why don't we bring more vibrance to Tottori? There you go, Neo Tottori! :D

Only 50 pcs will be made of this color, and each is engraved with serial number! There is also an engraving of “YUJO” which means “friendship” in Japanese, and this comes from my first name Yu and Joni’s “Jo” combined!


- Modder Friendly -

One of the many things I found through the A-1 Auto, is the love and passion of the watch modding community!

The modding community made it possible to make the A-1 Mod Case (still available through ModModeWatches!), and I have started making mod dials.

So, all the elements in the A-2 are again modder friendly. It uses the most popular movement series among modders, NH36, and the dial is 28.5mm, which is also the most popular size for the NH3X modding. Naturally the case, the hands, are also compatible with the NH3X.

And also, from the A-2, a modder could also utilize this unique vertical day-date discs which is rare to find anywhere else.

There is also something I have learned from A-1; that screws are bad, but screw-in case back is good. That added the case water resistance rating from the 5 ATM (A-1) to 10 ATM (A-2).

There is a possibility that, after a successful production run, I would manufacture the parts and sell each part separately to modders.


- Specs -


Movement: Seiko Instrument NH36 with custom vertical Japanese-English day-date discs

Case Diameter: 35 mm

Case Thickness: 11.2 mm 

Thickness (including top and bottom crystals): 11.6 mm

Lug-to-Lug: 43 mm

Water Resistance: 10 ATM

Crystals (front and back): Sapphire Crystal

Lume: BGW9 (on the dial, BGW9 is applied not only twice, but three times!)

Straps: Genuine Leather


- Earlier Prototypes -


The left bottom is the A-1 Auto production model. The right bottom is the current design of the A-2.

You see how the shape has changed through the design iteration. I actually liked the shape of the middle one, but I wanted to cut off the redundant chunk out of the case.

Prototypes were made with a 3D printer called Prusa mini+ from Prusa Research.

Standard International Shipping

Our international shipping use DHL Global Mail.

We will provide you two tracking numbers. One that tracks your shipment from Finland to DHL warehouse in Germany, and another which tracks the shipment from Germany to your address.

It would take several days between the second tracking number would be updated.

According to DHL, their delivery aim is the following:

To Germany: 2-4 days

To EU: 3-6 days

To USA and Canada: 5-9 days

To Rest of the World: 6-12 days (for example, a package to Nagoya, Japan took 10 days)


DHL Express Shipping

It costs more, but it's faster!


Free Domestic (Finland) Shipping

Shipping within Finland use Posti Domestic Parcel shipping service which delivers our product to your nearest Posti Parcel Locker.

Delivery in 1–3 working days. (If you trust Posti that is!)

1-Year Manufacturing Defects Warranty

I have been wearing one of the functioning prototypes for almost 6 months. So far, it's functioned with no problems, and I am confident that it would for at least the next 6 months.

The reason I made sure that it's specifically 1-Year warranty for "Manufacturing Defects" is that I believe that most of the people who have never utilized the warranty of a product don't realize that the warranty only covers Manufacturing Defects. Some watch brands offer a longer warranty, such as 5 years or 10 years—but by then, how would you know that your broken watch suffered a manufacturing defect, or normal wear-and-tear? And would you ever be able to convince the brand's customer service that it was indeed a manufacturing defect?

Their warranty doesn't cover wear-and-tear, or user error, and neither does this warranty. But I do think it is important to clarify that it is a warrant for manufacturing defects, instead of just issuing that it is a vaguely worded "warranty" which sounds like something that might cover something more than manufacturing defects. And 1 year is enough time to warrant manufacturing defects.

60-Days 100% / 90% Return Policy

If you wish to return the watch, you can absolutely do that within 60 days of purchase. You have to take several photographs of the watch and send an email to me before shipping it back. Depending on the condition of the watch, the amount of the refund is different.

-Full Refund: If the watch, within 60 days of purchase, was never worn, and the packaging (boxes, wraps) is intact. Please send us an email with photographs of the watch and the proof of purchase, before shipping it back to us. When shipping back, please use a trackable shipping method. We will fully refund the watch and the shipping cost once it arrives to us upon inspection.

-90% Refund: If the watch, within 60 days of purchase, was never worn, but some of the packaging (boxes, wraps) is missing. Please send us an email with photographs of the watch and the proof of purchase, before shipping it back to us. When shipping back, please use a trackable shipping method. We will refund 90% of the watch and the shipping cost once it arrives to us upon inspection.

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