About AndoAndoAndo

I love the word inclusivity. Why? Because I always felt like I was excluded.
"Men's" watches in the world that are so big, you can't wear. "Women's" watches in the world that's so small you can't see what time it is.
I wanted to make something genderless, ageless, and fun. So here we are, AndoAndoAndo.
It's not that we have products that everyone can enjoy. But we wanted to fill the holes in the watch industry to make the whole industry inclusive. A mid-sized watch for small-wristed men and mid-sized-wristed women to enjoy, a clock/watch that you don't need a hand to wear/carry, beautiful crystal decorated dials for anyone who enjoy crystals.
And of course, where is the fun in life if we don't have fun, interesting, quirky things to enjoy? That's who we are, AndoAndoAndo.

I was always interested in creating things and designing things. Although I have majored in a design-related field at university (Environmental Design), I've spent just over a decade in writing jobs (You can check my LinkedIn page for the details). 

At the same time, I got myself involved in several design-related projects, both in Japan and in Finland (though unfortunately not as a designer). But looking at great designs and how designers shaped their works firsthand, my passion for designing started to burn again.

That was 2019. I made a rough design for AndoAndoAndo's first product, A-1 Automatic Watch, proceeded to build several prototypes, updated the design and built more prototypes.

Then finally, in 2020, I launched my own company: AndoAndoAndo, and decided to go into production.