A-1 MOD Case

A-1 MOD Case is available for purchase through our partner Mod Mode Watches


 *All EU orders will be shipped from Finland, so no EU VAT for EU residents. :)

A-1 MOD Case

Inside of this unique case, a SII NH36 movement and a 28.5mm dial fits. Basically exactly the same case as the A-1 Watch I have made, minus the movement, hands, and the dial.
If you want to know more about why the case is designed asymmetrical, please check our webpage about the design details on A-1 Auto.
Front Crystal: Sapphire Crystal
Case Back: exhibition back with Sapphire Crystal. Screwed with 4 tiny screws.
Water Resistance: 5 ATM
Color: Silver

Modding Examples

Here are some examples of modding done by cool modders!


Just like our previous project, A-1 Auto, we want to make the packaging sustainable and plastic free. Yes it's fully recyclable!

I have designed the package from the scratch. This time the package would become a display stand, so you can enjoy the beautiful shape of the case.
The package parts are made in Riga, Latvia.

-How it started

I have recently launched a watch I have designed called A-1 Auto.

When my friend and a famous modder @self_winder got his A-1 Auto (above non-moded version of the A-1 Auto is also taken by him), he modded and posted on his feed:

What I didn't expected was that it received so many positive feedback from the modding community, and I have started receiving messages from them.

But A-1 Auto are limited edition watches, only 400 pieces exists each serial numbered. Sure there is nothing stopping a modder from purchasing A-1 Auto for modding, but most of the modders just wanted to buy its case only.

So I decided to make just the cases for the modding lovers!